Ecogroup is active internationally with focus on delivering eco-friendly and smart solutions and services to improve lives and safeguard our environment

Our group is consisted of companies, specialising in delivering innovative solutions and services to improve quality of life and preserving our environment. Our companies form a cohesive network of engineers, architects, designers, contractors and highly-skilled professionals with the aim to provide first-class quality of service to our clients worldwide.

We are active primarily in Europe, Middle East and Far East with offices in United Kingdom and Iraq.


Our companies form a cohesive network of highly skilled professionals with wealth of experience and knowledge to solve complex design and engineering challenges.


Our UK headquarter maintains a strong relationship with our European partners, enabling us to deliver solutions to our clients worldwide. With our group strong network of engineers, architects and designers in UK and Middle East, we have capability to deliver turn-key solutions with provision for sending our team to your designated sites around the world.


We are active in the Architectural, Landscaping, Urbanising for Open Spaces, Geotechnical and Mechanical sectors

We have been supporting professionals and clients internationally with our innovative solutions, products and services. Explore to find out more about our sectors and fields of expertise


We work with many renowned international partners to form a strong network of professionals to provide our clients the most comprehensive and design and technically-advanced solutions to solve any construction and build challenges.

Our group is supported by following companies: Quantum Ltd, Airscape Ltd, Greenscape Ltd, GeoTECH Ltd and EcoARCH Ltd. Every company within our group is a market leader in their respective field.


Ecogroup is active globally with offices in United Kingdom and Middle East. We have capability to provide solutions and services to anywhere in the world

Our group operates primarily from our UK office in London with a strong network of supporting engineers and architects.